AMP Coaching Team

Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a Certified Mental Performance Coach with a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology. She works with teams and individuals at every level of athletic competition, sharing her experience and knowledge to break down mental barriers and unlock the true potential of her clients. Amanda has provided her expertise and practical guidance to organizations such as the Olympic Development Program in Springfield Missouri, and Bob Jones High School, the largest secondary school in Alabama.

During her time as a coach, Amanda found the most common obstacle to success among her athletes was some kind of mental barrier. Drawing from her own experience as a player, she developed a passion for helping athletes and teams address their mental game, improving focus for competition and life outside of sports.Amanda’s coaching experience is rich and diverse, including time spent with High School teams, NCAA Division 1 and 2, NAIA, and club sports.

David Maynard

David Maynard holds a Master of Business Administration with a certification in Leadership.  He is a mental performance connoisseur and a former division 1 basketball player.  David became passionate about the mental game while encountering its profound effects during injury recovery, championship seasons, and everyday play.  As a lifelong learner, David continues to grow his mindset by associating himself with some of the greatest life and business mentors in the United States.  He is eager to share his experience and knowledge to help others win the mental game in athletics and beyond.

Shane Thomson

Shane Thomson has a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior from England and is about to complete his PhD at the University of Tennessee. He works as a mental performance coach for performers at different levels in business, education and sport. Notably, he works with DI athletes with Tennessee, the professional ice hockey team- Knoxville Ice Bears and physical therapists. Shane’s primary goal and passion is to help people be their best by developing skills in resilience, thriving, motivation and effective learning strategies for optimal well-being, development and performance success.

Shane was also a coach and collegiate athlete who understands the importance of understanding the physical and mental demands of performance. How does our body and mind connect? Our mind controls our body. What separates the performance of a team during competition? It’s our mental skills that not only connects our body and mind but also provides us with that 1% edge to succeed in life. Shane confidently believes that these skills can be coached through deliberate practice just like physical skills.

Make a lasting difference in the lives of athletes.

Armor Mental Performance wants to add coaches to our roster who care about the mental development of their athletes. Mental Performance Coaches help individual athletes and teams tackle their underlying challenges by building mental discipline, focus, and confidence – attributes that enrich every aspect of training and play.

Coaches understand that the skills and disciplines necessary to be successful in athletics help people achieve in other aspects of their lives. We offer support and guidance to players who are pushing the boundaries of their athletic potential while maintaining their mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you are interested in joining a supportive community of AMP coaches, working a flexible schedule, and making a lasting difference in the lives of athletes, reach out!

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